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Library Question Form

This form is intended for use by Temple College students attending classes in Taylor, Cameron and Hutto, as well as VCT and other Temple College distance education students.   We encourage Temple College students living in Temple to call or come by the library, if possible, for assistance.  The library telephone number is given at the bottom of this page.

Here are a few typical questions that we can help you with:
"How do I use the library catalog?"
"How do I use a library database?"
"The book I want isn't in the catalog. What can I do?"
"How do I find out my username and password?"
"I need to find literary criticism on Hemingway but don't know where to look"

Please fill out every section of the form.  Forms that are incomplete will not be answered.  Questions will be answered as soon as possible through e-mail.  

Name: First:
Course Name:
E-Mail Address:

Enter your question in the box below.  Please give as much information as you can, and briefly describe your assignment so we can understand the purpose of your question, and perhaps offer more information on available sources that would be helpful.  Click on the submit button below when you are ready to send your question.