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Temple College offers an accelerated program in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for veterans and service members with military medical experience. We recognize that you have received education and experience in the management of critically-ill patients.     
This process will allow the veteran or active duty member to demonstrate they are able to meet the competencies and cognitive objectives while not having to complete the entire program.  Based upon your transcript, you will be given credit for previous learning for some classes, and will be required to demonstrate knowledge and abilities for other classes.      
To help you understand the expectations, we will provide you with a study guide and material for you to review.  You can then test out over the course of the semester.  This will save you time, money and military educational benefit.  
Once you have successfully passed the courses, you will be mainstreamed into our ongoing program to complete the second half of the paramedic curriculum.  The final semester is designed as a review to help prepare you for the certification exam.