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Men's Basketball Information

Boy's Basketball Camp 2014
for Elementary and Middle School Boys

  June 16-19 3 - 5 p.m.
Registration Form can be obtained from the Temple College Gym
      Boy's Basketball Camp 2014 Registration Form - (PDF format)
PLACE: TC Gym (East Campus)
COST: $75.00
For more information or questions call 298-8525
TC Men's Basketball Coach, Kirby Johnson, will direct the camp. The staff will consist of coaches and collegiate players. The camp will emphasize the fundamentals of the game. Come join the fun and shoot for the stars!

Late entries will be accepted on a space available basis. For more information, please call (254) 298-8525.




Walk-on Basketball Program

Basketball players interested in trying out for a walk-on position on the Leopards basketball team should enroll in Coach Kirby Johnson's basketball PE class (PHED 1115) for the fall/spring semesters. This class provides an opportunity for players to work on drills and set up situations and allows Coach Johnson to evaluate potential players for the men's basketball team.

For the first month, the class works on offensive and defensive drills, one on one, two on two and three on three situations, shooting, and free throw drills. After a month or so of drills and half-court evaluations, the class is divided into teams for a 20-game schedule. There are officials for the games, and each game plays to a certain score. Fouled players shoot free throws. Through these games, Coach Johnson can evaluate what a player can do in multiple situations and scenarios.

Players can be moved from the class over to the men's basketball team at any time at the coach's discretion. Team vacancies sometimes occur because of injury, discipline problem or academic reasons. The class also provides an opportunity for the coach to evaluate players for scholarship and/or a roster spot on the team for subsequent seasons. In the last 8 years, 21 players on the team roster have come from the basketball class. Several of those players have won awards including Most Valuable Player, All-Conference, honorable mention All-American, and scholarships to four-year schools. Players who don't make the team at the end of the semester still come out with a PE credit and better basketball skills.