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Each student must complete a residency questionnaire and an Oath of Residency when applying to Temple College. If there are questions about a student's residency classification, the student will be asked to show proof of residency. The student is responsible for enrolling under the proper resident classification and for providing documentation as required by the institution. If there are any questions about Texas or district residency, the student must seek clarification from the Director of Admissions and Records prior to enrollment.

As a general rule, students who have resided in Texas for 12 consecutive months and have been gainfully employed are classified as Texas residents. Students who are under the age of 18 have their residency determined by the residency of their parent or legal guardian. The parent or guardian must have resided in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months and be gainfully employed.

Students who meet the requirements for state residency and have resided in and been gainfully employed in the Temple College District for 6 months will be classified as in-district students for residency students.

Students who do not meet the qualifications for Texas residency will be classified as nonresidents. Students who do not reside in the Temple College District will be classified as out-of-district students. Students classified as nonresidents or out-of-district upon first enrollment at Temple College are presumed to be nonresidents or out-of-district for the period during which they continue as students. Students who were classified as nonresidents upon initial enrollment who reside in the state and have been gainfully employed for a period of 12 consecutive months may petition for reclassification as residents for tuition purposes. Students who were initially classified as out-of-district students may also petition for reclassification upon residing in the district for 6 months. However, students moving to the state of Texas strictly for educational purposes are not eligible for state or in-district residency classification.

Students who desire to be reclassified must submit a petition of reclassification prior to the official census date of the term in order to have their residency reviewed. All petitions submitted after the official census date will not be considered until the subsequent term.

Please check the catalog on the Temple College website at for more information on residency.


The Temple College District is coterminous with the city limits of Temple and the Temple Independent School District. Once students have met the state residency requirements, they can verify their in-district residency by presenting one or more of the following types of documentation. This documentation must show an in-district address for the 6 months immediately prior to enrollment:

  1. A permanent Texas driver's license with current address
  2. A lease agreement which includes the student's name
  3. A utility bill
  4. A voter's registration card
  5. A payroll check stub
  6. A property tax statement showing payment of Temple College District taxes.


Persons in military service are presumed to maintain during their entire period of active service the same legal residence which was in effect at the time of entering the service. Education Code 54.058(b) provides that military personnel assigned to duty within the State of Texas, their spouse and their dependent children, shall be entitled to pay the same tuition as a resident of Texas regardless of the length of their physical presence in the state. To be entitled to pay resident tuition, such military personnel shall submit at the time of each enrollment a statement from their commanding officer or personnel officer certifying that they are then assigned duty in Texas and that the same will be in effect at the time of such enrollment.



If you plan to attend Temple College, you must request certification from the Veterans Certification Officer in the Advising Office. In order to certify returning students for continuous benefits, you must submit your request by established deadlines. Please contact the Veteran Certification Officer, Patrick Finnegan at 298-8311 or you may access our catalog for posted dates on our website from the home page.

Forms for certification are available in the Advising Office. No student is certified without a written request on file. Failure to submit a request by the deadline will result in a delay in certification.


Tuition and fee charges must be paid by the deadline date for the registration period involved. Registration is not complete until all payments have been made. Other charges are due upon request. Payment of tuition and fees may be made by cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express. The installment plan for payment of tuition and fees is only available for regular Fall and Spring semesters. For details on the installment plan, please see the "Tuition and Fee Installment Plan." Installment plans are only available prior to the census date of the term.