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Transcripts/Transfer Work FAQ’s

Q: How do I request an academic transcript of my completed Temple College courses?
A: All requests must be received in writing. Your academic transcript will include the courses and grades of all of your Temple College courses to date. To request a transcript, go to click on Admissions and Records, then click on Forms and scroll down to transcript request. You may drop this off in A&R in One College Centre or fax it to 254-298-8288.
Q: May I transfer coursework to Temple College from other institutions?
A: Credit for courses in which a grade of “D” or better has been earned may be transferred to TC from colleges and universities accredited through recognized regional accrediting associations. Unaccredited institutional coursework will not count as transfer work accepted to Temple College. In order to determine if courses transfer, the student must meet with an Advisor to review transcripts.
Q: I transferred to a university before I completed my graduation requirements at TC. Is it possible to transfer courses back to TC from the university to complete my graduation requirements?
A: Yes. To begin this process, you should request that your university send an official transcript to the Temple College Admissions and Records Office. Please contact the A&R in advance so that we will know you want your transcript evaluated for graduation. Students who were not enrolled at TC during the preceding academic year must meet current graduation requirements, even if different from the graduation requirements that were in place during the student's attendance at TC. A minimum of the last 18 semester hours at Temple College or a total of 32 semester hours of work at Temple College must be completed to be eligible for graduation. If you have any questions please contact Admissions and Records at 254-298-8300.

For more information about requesting a transcript please contact Admissions and Records at

For more information about transfer work please contact Dawn Ditto at