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All activities offered at Temple College are divided into three categories: the regular physical education program; recreational sports; and intercollegiate athletics for both men and women. The regular program of instruction offered by the College is basically designed to offer activities that will not only satisfy graduation requirements, but will be of carry-over value and of recreational interest to the student. This program also carries service courses that may be taken as an elective for the non-major or as a part of required courses towards a major in Physical Education.

Other courses are taught for students pursuing majors in related fields.

The recreational sports program is designed to offer additional activities for students other than those obtained in the regular program of college courses. The recreational sport facilities include a fitness center with a cardio room and weight room, and racquetball courts. Further information regarding these facilities may be obtained at the Fitness Center.

Intercollegiate athletics are offered to both men and women. The women’s intercollegiate competition is centered on tennis, basketball, volleyball, and softball. The men’s program includes the sports of basketball, tennis, and baseball. Students participating in the intercollegiate program should register for intercollegiate athletics under the activity program.