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 Welcome to the Temple College Department of Mathematics website. The Mathematics department is fully-staffed on the main campus, the Texas Bioscience Institute, and the East Williamson County Higher Education Centers.  A broad range of classes are offered to fit the needs of various levels of students ready for academic transfer courses.  The Mathematics department provides opportunities for students to take their math course either online or lecture-style, with various lecture courses offered as web-enhanced courses.  Courses typically offered online are College Algebra, Elementary Statistics, Contemporary Mathematics, and Pre-Calculus.  Faculty teaching web-enhanced courses utilize MyMathLab to supplement the course.  Mathematics courses offered at Temple College span from College Algebra to Calculus III, with Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations offered on an alternating cycle.  The Mathematics Tutoring Lab (MTL), located in the Math and Biomedical Science Building (MBS 1117), supports all Temple College Math students based on their individual needs.