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The TC Visual Arts department offers a high quality education that gives students an excellent foundation in the visual arts. Our instructors have achieved a high regard through their personal education and through recognition as regional and nationally recognized practicing artists and writers. 

Located in the Visual Arts Complex located at 2101 S. 5th Street, the program is just a short distance from Austin, Dallas, Forth Worth and Waco.  The 17,000 square foot facility houses an art gallery, computer lab, photography lab, audio/visual lecture room, drawing/printmaking studio, ceramic/sculpture studio, painting studio, and outdoor kiln/foundry work area. Studio space and hours are flexible, which enable the student to work in the facility outside of class.

Most of the classes taught at Temple College and its off-campus centers in Taylor, Hutto and Cameron, are scheduled around a four-day week. This is economically attractive for our commuter population and is popular with our students. There are night classes offered each semester as well. 

Classes at Temple College are generally smaller, thus giving the students the individual attention they deserve. Space is available for those students to work while other classes are in session. The classes are informal in setting to allow and promote creativity in the student. Some materials needed are provided by the department; however the student is responsible for most of his/her materials.