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Vocal Studies

Choral Studies

The Temple Symphony Chorale is the largest vocal ensemble on campus with an average of 40-50 members. Comprised of both outstanding community and student members from the Central Texas area, the group is the official vocal ensemble of the Temple Symphony Orchestra. Literature varies from the Renaissance to Contemporary with the group performing at least one concert per year with the orchestra as well as their own individual concert each semester. Music majors often lead section rehearsals, which gives them experience toward their future careers in teaching music. All members play a vital role in the ensemble, and are given opportunities throughout the year to perform solos with the group. In addition, members have the opportunity to compete for a place in the Texas Jr. College All-State Choir each fall. TC has placed many students in this prestigious ensemble, which performs every year at the Texas Music Educators Association Annual Conference in San Antonio.

The Vocal Point is a select group ranging in size from 12 to 16 members. Members are selected through an audition process and must have dance skills. Performing primarily Broadway/Pop style music, the TC Show Choir performs a minimum of one large concert on campus a semester, as well as performing in a wide variety of venues in the community. Members are often featured on solos as well as small ensembles in addition to the group's many large theatrical/dance numbers. Traveling extensively throughout the state, this ensemble represents the best of Temple College.

Offered on alternating semesters, Temple College also offers Opera Workshop and Musical Theatre. Opera Workshop gives students the opportunity to be exposed to standard opera literature, both in small ensemble settings and solo aria performances. Occasionally this class may perform a full opera with students being accepted on an audition basis. The Musical Theatre class is open by audition only and performs a complete musical theatre show ranging from a standard musical theatre production to a Broadway revue. Stage direction, dance, lighting and sound techniques, vocal production, and stagecraft are all emphasized.


Voice lessons offer students personally tailored instruction for the development of strong, resonant tone, increased range, and individual singing style. Instructors make weekly assignments that stress muscular development, text articulation, and, in keeping with academic tradition, a variety of historical styles as well as foreign language pronunciation. The Temple College music faculty cooperates to develop students' overall performing skills. Thus, students enrolled in ensembles are encouraged to bring ensemble repertoire to private lessons for polishing along with their solo pieces. Each semester's repertoire will include at least one work from Broadway or jazz traditions.