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Performing Arts Department

For years, Temple College has been a center for excellence in musical studies for students throughout Central Texas. Combining academic studies and professional musical training, the Temple College Music Department offers programs of unrivaled quality. Individual attention, detailed musical and technical development, and the encouragement of each student's artistic potential in performance serve as the foundation for studies in vocal and instrumental programs. Trained at leading universities and conservatories, the full-time faculty share a common commitment to dedicated teaching and concern for each student's individual progress. Temple College music instructors serve as mentors and role models in their teaching, performance, and commitment to excellence.

The Music Department offers a wide selection of opportunities for all students. Students who have majors and minors outside of music are encouraged to participate in music courses, ensembles, and applied instruction for a better perspective on the humanities and improved self-expression. Music majors acquire knowledge to pursue careers as music educators and performers through a curriculum emphasizing musicianship and scholarship. Study can lead to the Associate of Arts degree in Music and/or transfer to a four-year college or university.

We invite you to come join us in the study, performance, and enjoyment of music at Temple College. Please contact us for additional information if you are interested, at (254) 298-8555. You can also reach any of the full time faculty by looking at the faculty/staff web page.