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Music Faculty

Full Time Faculty
Faculty Member Phone Email
Thomas Fairlie, BE, MM
Director, Division of Fine Arts
(254) 298-8555
Colin Mason, BM, MM, DMA
Chair, Department of Performing Arts
(254) 298-8558
Sara Harris Baker, BM, MM, PhD (254) 298-8561
Norman Bergeron, MS (254) 298-8557
Brent Colwell, BME, MS (254) 298-8574
Mary Fairlie, BA, MM (254) 298-8552
Ben Irom, BA, MA, DMA (254) 298-8554
Teri Johnson , BM, MM (254) 298-8556
Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Member Phone Email
Julie Atwood
John Batson
Kevin Berg
Vincent Bryce
Anna Carney
Keith Fiala
Sheryl Goodnight
Dr. Michael Johnson
Reese Liles
Elizabeth Milne
Marie Pantina
John Pinno
Lois Reiter
Priscilla Santana
Deb Scharf
Randy Zimmerman