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Police Department Mission

The mission of the Temple College Police Department is to provide a safe and secure surrounding which will ensure an environment permitting visitors, students, faculty, and staff to interact in a beneficial academic setting.

Campus Police Location

The Campus Police Offices are located on the east campus. To contact Campus Police by phone, dial (254) 298-8911. Officers are on duty or on-call 24-7.

Report a Crime or Request Police Services

To report a crime or request police services, notify the Campus Police by dialing 8291 from any on-campus telephone. When dialing from a cell phone or other telephone, dial (254) 298-8291. When a caller places a call, the caller needs to explain what the emergency is and give the location. When Campus Police arrives, officers will:

  • take a report
  • investigate emergencies and/or accidents
  • make lawful arrests of violators
  • issue citations when necessary
  • or handle the situation as needed

Remember: When calling in an emergency situation, remain calm so that you can be clearly understood and police assistance can reach you faster.

Obtaining a Police Report

For a copy of a police report taken by the Temple College Police Department, please contact the Chief of Police. Copies are provided at no charge.

Lost and Found

The Temple College Police Department is the central location for all Lost and Found items that are turned in. Any items found on or near Temple College property should be turned into the Campus Police. If an item has a name on it, Campus Police officers will try to contact that person by phone or email. It is important that individuals have names on items. Students attempting to claim a lost item will be expected to provide a reasonably accurate description to assure that the rightful owner receives the property. The Campus Police office is located in the west end of the Instructional Services Center. Persons may call (254) 298-8291 to inquire about lost property.


If at any time a person feels unsafe walking to his/her vehicle day or night, contact the Temple College Police and an Officer will come to your location to escort you to your vehicle.

Motorist Assistance

As a service to our college, we are available to provide limited vehicle assistance, such as dead batteries and other minor vehicle emergencies. Contact The Temple College Police Department, (254) 298-8291, and an Officer will be dispatched to your location. We do not unlock vehicles.

Annual Security Report

Annual Security Report 2012-2013

This information is provided in compliance with Public Law 101-542, Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. This report is distributed to all current students and employees and upon request to applicants for enrollment or employment. The purpose of the report is to make students and employees aware of the incidence of reported crime on campus and policies and procedures to prevent crime or to report occurrences of crime.

Crime Statistics

The Act requires that the following information be reported for crimes that occurred on campus for the period July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013:


Violent Crimes Number of Occurrences
Murder 0
Sexual Assault 0
Robbery 1
Aggravated Assault 1


Non-Violent Crimes Number of Occurrences
Liquor Law Violations 1
Drug Abuse Violations 1
Weapons Possession 0
Criminal Mischief 7
Larceny-Theft 6
Protective Orders 0
Disturbance/Threats 23
Burglary 7
Motor Vehicle Theft 0
Indecent Exposure 0

Temple College Crime Statistics

Crime statistics are calculated on a calendar-year basis and are provided in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. They are provided for information purposes and made available to anyone by request.

PDF Logo  3 Years Crime Statistics Report