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Credit for Previous Learning
Once you complete the process, we will simply show credit for achievement in certain courses on your transcript.  The courses are either clinical courses or entry-level courses.    

EMSP 1501 EMT-Basic
EMSP 1160 Clinical
EMSP 1162 Clinical

Credit by Exam
These are courses that contain objectives or skills that  you will need to demonstrate that you have maintained certain competencies and knowledge.  After evaluating your training, we believe you have been exposed to this material and should be able to meet the required competencies.  

EMSP 1355 Trauma Management
EMSP 1356 Patient Assessment and Airway Management
EMSP 2348 Emergency Pharmacology
BIOL 2404 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Required to Take
These are courses that you will need to complete.  Some of the courses contain material or experiences that you have not yet mastered or that we will use to prepare you for your credentialing exams.  
EMSP 2544 Cardiology
EMSP 2434 Medical Emergencies
EMSP 2260 Clinical
EMSP 2143 Assessment-Based Management
EMSP 2338 EMS Operations
EMSP 2135 Advanced Cardiac Life Support
EMSP 1149 Pre-Hospital Life Support
EMSP 1191 Special Topics in Emergency Pediatric Care
EMSP 2460 Clinical EMS
Courses are listed in the suggested sequence to be taken.